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The Lavender Locker Room

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The Lavender Locker Room
By Patricia Nell Warren (2006)

ISBN: 1889135070 | ISBN13: 9781889135076

3000 years of great athletes whose sexual orientation was different.

Add to cart Paperback 6" x 9" | List Price: $24.95

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"Rivetingly told."

—Talent News Network, London

"Informative and rich in detail... wonderful stories. Patricia Nell Warren puts her finger where it hurts, reviewing the under-covered sexuality orientation of many international athletes during their career."

—Claude Atcheba in Arts London

"Will surely inspire readers to learn more about these icons of our past and present."


"You don't have to be a jock or a sports fan to enjoy Patricia Nell Warren's latest... Fascinating... This book exemplifies one of the reasons why I love to read — it gives me the chance to learn about people, other cultures and historical events... Warren makes it go down easy with unpretentious prose and a passion that is contagious."

—Carol Rosenfeld in Lambda Book Report

"Warren's essays, every one a well-rounded mini-history of the sport it covers, are collected from a series written for, but appear here greatly expanded and generously footnoted. The Lavender Locker Room is a comprehensive account of LGBT people in sports; it's Warren's first non-fiction book, after eight novels, but every bit as enthralling as her fiction has been for generations of gay readers."

—Richard Labonte in Book Marks, 9/25 issue from Q Syndicate

"What a read...My dream would be that every school should read it. My partner James has never seen me so involved in any book before. I drowned myself in it, and had to read some of the chapters twice, I loved it so much."

—Ingi Thor Jonsson, Olympic swimmer, Icelandic team

"Warren does it again. The Lavender Locker Room is a valuable addition to the growing literature on gay and lesbian athletes in sport. Warren reminds us that the issue of gays and lesbians in sport is as ols as sport itself. She takes us on a fascinating retrospective journey through time and sport, both in and out of the closet. Whereas The Front Runner reminded us that sports were not exclusive of gay athletes, The Lavender Locker Room reminds us that the issue is not simply a contemporary one either. We have existed on every playing field in history."

—Eric Anderson, openly gay author of autobiography Trailblazing and In the Game: Gay Athletes and the Cult of Masculinity

"Warren is such a wonderful storyteller, and I find myself turning page after page, eager to read more. Her focus on the historical details is really makes the story a visceral experience. I truly feel like I am riding next to Joan of Arc. I will make it a book I recommend to everyone I meet!"

—Diana Cutaia, former collegiate women's basketball coach, owner and founder of Advance Sports Educational Services

"The homophobes are on the run, and this fun and fascinating book will require them to step up their pace."

—Jim Bouton, former New York Yankees pitcher, author of the best-selling classic Ball Four.

"Who more perfect to record the history of LGBT sport pioneers than a legendary storyteller in her own right? Writing with sumptuous detail, poetic turn of phrase and important historical context, Patricia Nell Warren's investigation into LGBT sport past reveals that none of us lives in isolation - our struggles and challenges in shaping sport have often played a role in shaping history itself."

—Mark Tewksbury, Olympic gold medallist, co-founder of Montreal OutGames, author of Inside Out

"Patricia Nell Warren continues to write significant books as evidenced by her new book. Everyone, yes everyone, straight, gay, bisexual, transgender should read this book. Just as when I first read The Front Runner over thirty years ago, you will find yourself looking at yourself and the world in a much more positive way. What a great gift to yourself and what a great gift from Patricia."

—David Kopay, former NFL running back and author of The David Kopay Story

"An insightful series of profiles on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sports pioneers. Spanning a broad historical spectrum from Joan of Arc to Bill Tilden to Martina Navratilova, Warren helps us to understand sexuality and gender in sport in a variety of contexts. Fun and informative at the same time, this collection is a must for understanding the roots of our contemporary LGBT sports movement.

—Pat Griffin, author of Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sport

"Undoubtedly the most comprehensive survey of the history of gay men and lesbians in sports, The Lavender Locker Room fills a much-needed niche. From boxing to equestrian, and skating to rodeo, Patricia Nell Warren nails it. Her stories of big guys, unknown girls, and everyone in between is guaranteed to enthrall jocks and non-jocks, gays and straight allies — anyone who likes tales of triumphs over adversity."

—Dan Woog, author of Jocks and Jocks 2: Coming Out to Play, openly gay high school soccer coach

"As with her groundbreaking The Front Runner trilogy, celebrated author Patricia Nell Warren has done it again, with The Lavender Locker Room, a fascinating array of often overlooked sports stories. From jockeys, skaters, and boxers to early Olympics gender testing - even a "re-gayification" of the Achilles/Patroclus tale, Warren shares the compelling lives of gay and lesbian athletes and heroes."

—Jim Provenzano, sports journalist and author of PINS

"Holds some surprises... informed, iconoclast, witty, well-written."

—Publishers Weekly

"Fascinating stories of athletes that we don't know."

—Libby Post for Q Syndicate

"Suffused with a lovely sense of the author's empathy with her subjects — a feeling of personally having a share experience with them.... Her subjects become completely human, reachable; we can begin to know their fears, drives and frustrations and to comprehend what factors drove them to greatness."

—Hal Bodner in WeHo News, Los Angeles

"The gripping individual stories provide a "recovered' history of courageous sports figures to claim as our own and share with the world. Patricia's eclectic choices of true accounts make this a fascinating read."

—Helen Carroll, Sports Project Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights

"Carefully researched and movingly written... The Lavender Locker Room makes a perfect gift for any lesbian sports addict."

—Tracey Stevens in Amazing Dreams Publishing Newsletter

"One of the most honest, compelling works on sports and gay life ever put to paper. Patricia Nell Warren's research and insight to that world is the perfect mix... matched only by Truman Capote's technique. As in all of her works, the ability to draw the reader in through time and space, the collection reads like a dream. This book truly is for all people of all ages. ... A true celebration of our lives and exploration of our continuing evolution."

—Skip Mackall, ice- and roller-skating coach

"Intriguing, inspiring stories of accomplishment... a rich tapestry... a great read. I started reading the book while fixing dinner. Soon dinner was overdone and I was still reading."

—Dallas Chase in Diversity (Boise)

Image: Book Cover

The Lavender Locker Room
By Patricia Nell Warren (2006)

ISBN: 1889135070 | ISBN13: 9781889135076

3000 years of great athletes whose sexual orientation was different.

Add to cart Paperback 6" x 9" | List Price: $24.95

Chapter One | Liner Notes | Author Notes | History | Reviews | Table of Contents