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The Wild Man

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The Wild Man
By Patricia Nell Warren (2001)

ISBN: 1889135054

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"A harrowing, heroic tale. Tragedy, loss, politics, religion, rebellion and survival – all are keenly explored, woven into a riveting story that reads more like real life than fiction."

– Melinda Shelton in Lambda Book Report

"I couldn't put it down... Bravo! Not even Hemingway dared to tell any of his stories dealing with Spaniards from the point of view of Spanish man. You dared...and you did it."

– Jose Raul Bernardo, El secreto de los toros

"Mercilessly captivating."

– Genre Magazine

"Gripping story, exciting history. Patricia paints beautiful, lyrical pictures with words."

– Betty DeGeneres

"Warren creates a story that buzzes with a high-voltage erotic charge up to the last pages."

– Chicago Free Press

"Passionate and provocative."

– Echo Magazine

"Patricia Nell Warren is out to beat her own record as America's bestselling author of gay male fiction with The Wild Man. A gothic romance set against the last days of Franco's Spain and filled with bullfights and secret crypts and smoldering lovers, the novel is off to a photo finish with The Front Runner, leaving the literary eunuchs who jealously guard the lists of best books to eat dust."

– Doric Wilson, Playwright

"This book does not simply linger with me, it haunts me. Like the brujo in her novel, Patricia Nell Warren sees things that others do not, but fortunately for us she is a kind and wise seer, and with her mastery of words she weaves her divination and shows us the vision. The Wild Man is a breathtaking tapestry of a story! Who would dare take such threads – a Spanish bullring here, an ancient Celtic grotto there, a homosexual love, a Catholic orthodoxy, a desert of a dictatorship, the first trickle of a reborn mountain spring, an aristocrat, a working class male witch, General Franco, Federico Garcia Lorca, a family betrayal, a stranger's fealty, a charging bull, a newborn partridge, a stream of blood, a forbidden kiss, a game preserve in Spain, a bar in West Hollywood, privilege, poverty, denial, discovery, lineage, exile – who would presume to make of this tangle of threads a seamless thing of beauty? Patricia does. And she does what she does so very well. OlÈ, Bruja!"

– Michael R. Gorman, author of The Empress Is A Man

"I began to devour it instantly. I didn't put it down till today, at about three o'clock New York Time. What a great present! Bravo for El Bravo. Not even Hemingway dared to tell any of histories dealing with Spaniards from the point of view of a Spanish man. You dared. And you did it."

– JosÈ Raul Bernardo, author of Secreto de Los Toros:

"I could hardly put it down! The Wild Man is a wonderful tale and a totally riveting read. I enjoyed the first read so much that I had to start over to do my critical read."

– John Graham, Veterinary Consultant

"You have outdone yourself. Let this be my electronic carnation, tossed lovingly into cyberspace. You kept me up all night twice, till I fell asleep in strange contortions on my sofa, unable to willingly put the book down. It has been years since I've done that. Juan is one of the most compelling characters I have ever encountered. Antonio and Juan, what a couple of proud bastards. What a compelling exploration of the macho male heart!"

– Prof. Bryan Wildenthal, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

"Patricia Nell Warren's latest novel is as ground breaking in its own way as her legendary bestseller The Front Runner. The secret relationship that grows between Juan and Antonio is layered with the pain of watching the country that they love being destroyed by a tyrannical dictatorship.... Captures a unique mix of tenderness, emotion, historical perspective and raw passion, written in a way that only Patricia Nell Warren has mastered."

– John Selig, Gay Activist

"THE WILD MAN me llegÛ al alma [touched me to the heart]."

– Connie Dagas, Editorial Egales, Barcelona

"The most heart-wrenching, frightening, and unique gay novel in a generation. While the story could have been a simple love affair between a torero from a royal family and a peasant who rescues him from being crushed by a crowd following a bullfight, nothing in this story is simple. Antonio risks everything to be with the peasant he falls in love with. But it is a love so dangerous he could be executed, most likely by members of his own family. Warren... makes every scene ring with veracity and realism, choosing images and descriptions such a narrator as a bullfighter might employ to weave his tale.... More than a 'gay' novel, this work by the author of The Front Runner is so well-rendered, it stands far above the more art-conscious novels in this genre, appealing to all the physical senses and not merely the refined sensibilities."

– Ronald L. Donaghe, author of Common Sons:

"It has taken me three readings... to appreciate the levels at which this book can be read. The Wild Man has all the dynamics of Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. The hatred and conflict of family values. The scars those conflicts cause but are alive and fresh; waiting for the scabs to be torn off to release the pus below. Scars that cause pain for years and rarely settled. The Wild Man has had a 30-year gestation. The result shows. Wisdom dictates that history, be it of country, society or relationships, is best written from the perspective of 30 or 40 years.

"[It] is faithful to the time, 1969, just after Stonewall, containing all the internalized homophobia, closetedness, fear and dangers common in all countries of that day. At its most simple surface level The Wild Man is a romance... tells the story that all loves are only established by struggle. For the more mature casual reader the book brings memories of secret crushes, desires, lust and loves of the late 1960s and early 1970s... Those readers with knowledge of today's most challenging issues will also find satisfaction. Separation of church and state, environmental issues, cultural differences aggravated by globalization, all brought into focus by the foreshadowing used by the author.

"While written by an American, The Wild Man does not hide America's flaws or distort views held by other peoples of the world. ...The accuracy of the author's research makes you question her nationality. I am as convinced as the child who is looking for the Hogwarts Express. The Wild Man haunts, satisfies, stirs, and stimulates. A must read!"

– M. G. Stauffer a.k.a. Warrior's Mark

"Warren’s characters are wrought with passion and bravura, her attention to historical accuracy is impeccable, and her understanding and portrayal of love between men is inspiring. The Wild Man is a definite bull's-eye."

–Paul Willis, Unzipped

From the beginning of her career, Patricia Nell Warren has, not unlike her hero in The Wild Man, "hungered to kiss the virgin lips of risk." And never has that kiss been more passionate and sincere and that risk more worthy. The Wild Man combines passion and politics, not to mention food and landscape and history and bulls and witches, into a great sweeping tempest of a book that will clear the air and turn you right around.

– J. D. Landis, author of Lying in Bed and Longing

"By telling this tale, Ms. Warren has gone far beyond her narrative by leaving us with an ominous reminder of the precious and delicate thread that keeps our civil rights intact. As [Warren] led me into the very emotional conclusion, tears welled up in my eyes.... I consider The Wild Man a "must read" for these uncertain times."

– Daryl James Jr, Desert Post Weekly

"A superb novel that quite frankly couldn't be put down. We were up reading it well into the night! How many recent novels - gay, straight, or whatever can you say that about."

– Gay Book Club

"Simply the best novel I've come across in at least two years....Set in Spain, during Franco's regime, the novel unfolds to reveal the secret, and endangered, lives of gay men and women. Ms. Warren writes eloquently and convincingly; her characters remain true to Spanish culture, and seem amazingly real. As I read THE WILD MAN, I felt myself being pulled into the world of a Spanish bullfighter and his secret lover. Ever aware of the dangers around them, the characters' relationship develops in near secrecy....The book is not only a fictional account, but also a warning of times to come. Ms. Warren carefully crafts a scene that often reflects the America of today. The Wild Man suggests what may become of gay rights, if the conservative agenda is allowed to eat away at the progress made in the last decades....I fell in love with the characters of The Wild Man."

– Derek J. McKernan in

"A dramatic, extremely detailed historical romance."

– Matthew Kennedy in Gaywired

"Blending her decades of journalism with a passionate account of a torero's life makes one wonder if she isn't telling a true story. Warren frames the whole amazing story around an encounter with a retired bullfighter she met at Numbers, an upscale Los Angeles gay hustler bar. Generously supplemented with essays about the writing of The Wild Man, Warren expands the perspective on bullfighting well beyond the clichÈ of black velvet paintings, offering an in-depth perspective on a dying sport steeped in blood, cruelty, and stubborn tradition."

– Jim Provenzano in Bay Area Reporter

"Page-turning vividness... highly readable."

– Frontiers

"Warren has an impressive knowledge of her subject matter, making the novel a rich and believable recreation of a time and culture that is probably unfamiliar to many American readers."

–Paula Martinac in Book Marks

"Passionate... luminous... Warren does a masterful job at weaving together the different strands of her story and building suspense. The last half of the book is a total page-turner as the different forces arrayed against the lovers strike and send them on an unexpected odyssey."

– Lillian Dean for HERO Book Club

Image: Book Cover

The Wild Man
By Patricia Nell Warren (2001)

ISBN: 1889135054

Add to cart Paperback 6" x 9" | List Price: $19.95

Chapter One | Liner Notes | Author Notes | History | Reviews |