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Billy's Boy

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Billy's Boy
By Patricia Nell Warren (1997)

ISBN: 096410993X

The sequel to Harlan's Race and The Front Runner

Add to cart Paperback 5" x 8" | List Price: $18.95

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"Breaks new ground for the gay and lesbian community... With its focus on youth, Billy's Boy may well be The Front Runner for the next 20 years."

— Independent Publisher

"William's search is ultimately for himself, and it is stark and troubling. Warren's ability to understand this character and tell his story in the lingo of 1990's youth is remarkable. Highly recommended."

— Library Journal

"Warren's fans will no doubt be eager to continue following the lives of their friends Harlan, Vince, Chino and Betsy through a new, young pair of eyes."

— Publishers Weekly

"Leading gay rights author fights on."

— Los Angeles Times

"A courageously written, powerfully told story of a young man's odyssey. As in The Front Runner, Patricia Nell Warren has broken new ground."

— David Mixner, author of A Stranger Among Friends

"Engrossing, compelling...true to the spirit of the times."

— Lavender Salon Reader Online

"A wonderful addition to literature for and about gay youth, and should be added to school libraries everywhere."

— Virginia Uribe, founder of Project 10

"The millions of readers who continue to delight in Patricia Nell Warren's The Front Runner and Harlan's Race will be thrilled again."

— John Rechy, author of City of Night

"Warren writes from the point of view of a 12-year-old boy...has proven the power of her imagination."

— Frontiers

"Should take its place on the shelf next to Huck Finn, Catcher in the Rye and other classic novels of growing up."

— Jeff Horton, former president, Los Angeles Board of Education

"Reaches for the stars and goes straight to the heart."

— J. D. Landis, author of Lying in Bed

"Warren brings a richness of detail and realism to writing about gay youth. The characters are people we know, but the story isn't one we've read before...doesn't, like many books involving gay youth, tie everything up in a big happy bow at the end. There's resolution, but it's more like real life."

— Oasis Magazine

"A must-read for anyone interested in what makes young people tick."

— Dan Woog, author of Jocks and School's Out

"An incredibly moving tale of found angels in the city of lost ones."

— Marie Cartier, author of I Am Your Daughter, Not Your Lover

"Billy's Boy caused me to revisit the unresolved, painful issues of my own youth."

— Frank Buttino, author of Special Agent: Gay and Inside the FBI

"Takes many turns and leaves the reader wanting more.... The struggles of a mother to maintain a family is crucial to understanding the story."

— Christine Soto, 20, award winning poet

"As usual, Warren's writing grabs your attention from the start and doesn't let you go till the last word."

— Armond Anderson-Bell, 19, L.A. high-school student

"It's almost impossible to put it down...Warren has delivered a fascinating read."

— The 4Front

"A tough street-smart work that captures the realities confronting battered youth in America's cities."

— Ronald L. Donaghe in Common Sons

"Billy's Boy is the most vivid and explosive book that I have ever read, opening up a time frame in my life, in which society, the media, religion and family were like a ticking time bomb around my soul."

— Louis Harvey III, Youth Commissioner, Los Angeles Unified School District

"Rings as true as sterling silver on crystal...a coming of age story for gays, lesbians and the human race to revel in."

— Leroy Aarons, author of Prayers for Bobby

"I couldn't put it down. For me, this book will always be at the top of my shelf, and will be the one that I recommend to all my friends!"

— Jesse Davila, 19, college student

"Patricia Nell Warren does it again! This time in a multi-generational story that includes a lesbian mom, a teenager and a complex gay family history. She gives voice to the voiceless again in this beautiful story that deals with love, politics and spirituality."

— Rev. Nancy Wilson, MCC-L.A.

"A testament to the years Patricia spent as a front runner in the fight for the rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.... For adults as well as young readers, it is an awakening to the harsh realities that teenagers face in today's world."

— Bruce Bernhard Heller, 23, animation artist

"Follows in the giant footsteps of its predecessors in this series — leaping from one fictional adventure to anew awareness of the special problems facing gay youth, their families and friends. You gotta love this one. I'm hungry for the next in the series."

— Frank Whitworth in Ground Zero

"Warren at her finest...a young boy experimenting with and testing the limits of his sexual identity; a strong-willed mother fighting for her child and what she believes in; a long-dead father who visits the dreams of his son, reassuring him, empowering him... This is a pinnacle in gay literature."

— Outword

"Gay family life is very much a part of today's cultural landscape... Celebrities, their partners and babies have begun to splash across magazine covers and flash on TV screens, giving America a snapshot of Gay people building families and raising kids. But Billy's Boy paints a broader, more accurate picture, depicting the texture of Gay family life for both children and adults... Warren gives readers a fine honest and realistic portrayal of life's personal and political complexities, especially for young people who are bombarded by conflicting messages from left and right."

— The Washington Blade

"A genuinely entertaining, genuinely moving, genuinely good book... And, in a thoroughly un-Disney-like fashion, suitable for all ages."

— Xtra!

"The gay rights movement has come a long way since the early '70s, when [Warren] wrote 'the book that started it all.' "

— The Virginia Pilot

"If you all loved The Front Runner as much as I did and waited that long twenty years for its sequel...Billy's Boy is Patricia Nell Warren's latest, and it is fabulous... A most welcomed addition to any library."

— Ambush

"Some nice lessons for young people who are trying with parents or family members who are gay... Introduces a broader, healthier family paradigm."

— Impact

"An excellent piece of fiction...leaves us hanging for the next installment. I can't wait."

— ACCESSline

"Warren's Front Runner educated numerous readers about the situation of gay lovers. Billy's Boy may do the same for gay or homeless teenagers. We should be thankful she wrote it."

— Gay and Lesbian Times

"Twelve-year-old William Heden is at the center of Patricia Nell Warren's latest novel about the struggles facing homosexuals in homophobic America. A sequel to her l974 classic, The Front Runner, and to 1994's Harlan's Race, the book stands alone and can be read without knowledge of Warren's previous stories. Billy's Boy follows adolescent William as he explores his family history and delves into the role anti-gay attitudes have played on the people he lives with.... A wide range of well-developed characters makes the book highly absorbing. In addition, Warren's tremendous empathy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth - and her obvious experience in working with them - lends both nuance and authenticity to the book's dialogue. William's struggle to understand his own sexual desire as he comes of age will intrigue adolescents as well as adults and should be read by anyone concerned about the pressures facing queer kids as they navigate life in the late 1990's."

— Independent Publisher

And finally, the last chapter in The Front Runner trilogy. While you can certainly read this book on its own, it's even better if you're familiar with the characters from the previous books. It's the story of a young teenager coming to terms with his future, discovering his family, and exploring his sexuality. It's sure to be another classic in gay literature.

—Rainbow Ikon Archive

Image: Book Cover

Billy's Boy
By Patricia Nell Warren (1997)

ISBN: 096410993X

The sequel to Harlan's Race and The Front Runner

Add to cart Paperback 5" x 8" | List Price: $18.95

Chapter One | Liner Notes | Author Notes | History | Reviews |