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    Patricia Nell Warren’s “My West: Personal Writings on the American West” out June 15, 2011

    Patricia Nell Warren’s “My West: Personal Writings on the American West” out June 15, 2011


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    MY WEST:
    Personal writings about the American West – past, present and future

    By Patricia Nell Warren
    Bestselling author of The Front Runner, One Is the Sun, etc.

    Description: Warren grew up on the Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Montana, now a national historic site. In addition to writing eight novels, she spent the last 50-plus years carving out a body of short works that both celebrate and scrutinize her native West. Her articles, commentaries, editorials, blogs, investigative reports and historical pieces have appeared everywhere from The Reader’s Digest and Persimmon Hill to Huffington Postand the Hot Springs Little Baldy Press. In this anthology, she collects a sagebrush bouquet of 47 favorites on everything from agriculture to zest, with animals, city life, cooking, ethnicity, gender, history, politics, sexual orientation and spirituality along the way. As an out American author, Warren used these subjects as a lens through which to view “her West.”

    Review quote: In his foreword, noted author/filmmaker Gregory Hinton, himself a born Westerner, says of this book: “A masterwork by one of our most gifted storytellers. Patricia’s deeply evocative stories will quickly transport even the most dug-in urban reader to the heartland that is the American West.”

    Bibliographic data:

    ISBN 13 – 9781889135083 ISBN 10 – 1889135089
    Title – My West: Personal writings on the American West, past, present and future
    Author – Patricia Nell Warren
    Publisher – Wildcat Press
    Format – 6 x 9 trade paperback – anthology
    Length: 422 pages
    Price – $29.95
    Publication Date – June 15, 2011
    Finished books available for shipping – May 16, 2011
    Audience – General trade
    Subject – literary collection, historical and autobiographical

    Bio Information:

    Warren’s previous Western writings have received critical acclaim. Her 1971 first novel, The Last Centennial (Dial Press), was called ‘impressive…Faulknerian” by Library Journal. Her 1982 Reader’s Digest article, “Saga of an American Ranch,” received the National Cowboy Hall of Fame’s Western Heritage Award for magazine writing that year. Also, her previous anthology, The Lavender Locker Room: 3000 Years of Great Athletes Whose Sexual Orientation Was Different (Wildcat Press, 2006) received an Independent Publisher Gold Medal, and was a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Awards.